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A New Foe Has Appeared!

Next Level Nerd continues to grow! In addition to 321 Lay-On!, Next Level Nerd Movie Podcast, and Sugar Frosted Serial, we are proud to present the latest show in our repertoire.

Handsome Evan has been hard at work. Usually, that means you should lock up your daughters and get ready to swoon. But this time, he's created a gaming podcast with opinions so good they ought to be facts. So please, join us for "Handsome Evan and The Nerd Herd's Gaming Podcast".

This show will release weekly on Thursdays wherever podcasts are sold. Evan will discuss all things gaming with members of the Nerd Herd (Ashton, Joe, & Justin) and the occasional guest sprinkled in for your enjoyment. So whether you're into games from the past, present, or future, we've got something for you.

hand·some ˈhan(t)səm - adjective 1. (of a man) good-looking. synonyms: attractive, striking, gorgeous, EVAN

Be sure to subscribe to stay up-to-date and send us all the likes and sweet reviews that keep podcasts alive. And as always, if you love what we are doing and want to take your nerdiness to the next level, hit us up on and drop us a dollar or two.

Right now, the show can be found on YouTube. Within the next few days, the show will publish to all the usual hangouts for our podcasts (i.e. iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, and TuneIn)

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