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A Well Crafted Joke

One of the challenges of modern comedy is how to go about crafting intelligent, hilarious, and absurd joke around sophomoric humor. Poop jokes, sex jokes, masturbation jokes, dick jokes, fart jokes, they’re all hilarious… when done well.

The most intelligent dick joke ever made has to be the season one finale of HBO’s Silicon Valley. The genius of this scene is how engineers mathematically craft a dick jerking formula around the premise of efficiently jerking people off. It literally has to be seen to be appreciated:

However, the kings of artisan crafted gross out humor, have to be the Farrelly Brothers. Hands down, when it comes to the pinnacle of poop jokes, the Jeff Daniels laxative scene in their film Dumb and Dumber is the gold standard. If you can film a more hilarious defecation scene, you deserve a Nobel Prize.

The Farrelly Brothers also simultaneously created one of the best masturbation and cum jokes ever put on the silver screen with There’s Something About Mary. When Ben Stiller jerks off and can’t find his… excretion… we see it dangling from his ear. Mary, played by Cameron Diaz shows up for their date and asks him if it is hair gel. Without getting an answer, she quickly wipes the… product… through her hair. The joke is hilarious and disgusting.

Nearly every one of their films features well written characters in odd and disgusting situations that make for hilarious comedic scenes. One of those movies is the subject of this week's Next Level Nerd Movie Podcast.

The underappreciated film Kingpin is overflowing with brilliance by combining of Bill Murray, Woody Harrelson, Randy Quaid, and the Farrelly Brothers. It's a cult classic of a film that will keep you laughing from beginning to end.


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