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Full Moon Fever

Usually, comic books save the insanity for their villains. But Marvel's Moon Knight is one of the craziest heroes on their roster. Merry Marvelites and True Believers alike have been buzzing about the idea of Moon Knight coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) for a while now.

Moon Knight, real name Marc Spector, is a complex character. Marc was the son of a Jewish Rabbi born in Chicago. He spent some time as a boxer before joining the Marines and then becoming a mercenary. After taking a job in Egypt, things go awry and he becomes the living embodiment of the Egyptian Moon God, Khonshu. But wait, it gets weirder. Marc also suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which means there are several crazy things going on inside his head. Some of the time, he is Jake Lockley, a street-wise taxi driver, other times he is Steve Grant, a millionaire entrepreneur. He's known to bounce between these personalities and others while questioning his reality and sanity and occasionally fighting werewolves in space. You know, that old story.

How to bring this character into the MCU is quite the challenge. Recently, Ross Marquand stated that he would be interested in playing the character if given the chance. You may know him as Aaron from AMC's The Walking Dead or the guy who played Red Skull in Avengers Infinity War replacing Hugo Weaving. He is an amazing impressionist as seen in numerous YouTube videos, but also a pretty decent actor. Honestly, this is probably one of the best casting rumors I have heard in a while, because of how diverse he could make the cast of characters within Marc Spector's head.

Kevin Feige has confirmed that Moon Knight fits into some future plans for the MCU, but hasn't really clarified if he means movies or television. A character with this much complexity and potential is better suited for a television series in the same vein as Marvel's Legion on FX. Moon Knight would be a great addition to the grittier world of the "ground level" characters on Netflix such as Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Iron Fist. Moon Knight is basically a mixture of Batman and the Joker and that insanity could play really well on Netflix. Any show involving him would have to have the viewer questioning the reality of what is going on around him.

If they do end up doing a series, basing it on Jeff Lemire and Gregg Smallwood's run (Moon Knight vol. 6) would be a great idea. The story opens with Marc Spector in a mental institute with no idea how he got there or who he is. The staff of the institute seem to be trying to stop him from uncovering his past and all hell breaks loose. If you're interested in the character, this is a great starting point to familiarize yourself with him and his supporting cast.

All that being said, Moon Knight has had a rich history in comics since his debut in 1975 and has been a part of several Marvel teams including the Avengers, the Defenders, Heroes for Hire, West Coast Avengers, and the Secret Avengers. So there are a lot of options available for him. But as grim and dark as this character is, he feels like he would be a great way to introduce magic and mysticism into the Netflix shows. I can't say it would be easily digestible to see him alongside the likes of Rocket Raccoon or Spider-Man.

However, I also once believed that the Avengers wouldn't work onscreen, so... take my opinion with a huge grain of salt.

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