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The Nerd Herd

I know what you're thinking. "So, what the crap is the deal with Next Level Nerd? Who are the people behind this operation?"

Well, lucky for you, I randomly decided to write up an introduction to all of us. As of today, the Nerd Herd is made up of:

Ashton Ruby

What's going on just left of this picture?

Ashton is one half of the gem that is the Ruby Twins. He's the brains behind all the production and editing that you hear on our podcasts and also hosts NLN's LARPing podcast "321 Lay-On!". He likes to spend his time gaming, LARPing, and sending GIF messages. No man looks better in glasses. If you find one, I'll buy you a steak.

"Handsome" Evan Ruby

Lock up your daughters. Amirite?

Evan is the other half of the Ruby egg. He currently co-hosts "321 Lay-On!" with Ashton. Evan is generally considered one of the most handsome men east of the Mississippi. When he isn't traveling the world, spreading his good looks like Johnny Appleseed, he enjoys playing video games, watching movies, reading Batman comics, and LARPing with Ashton.

Joe Gaffney

It is very hard to find a pic on his Facebook page where he isn't in LARP gear. He's about that life.

Joe is the latest addition to the NLN family. He is the third chair on "321 Lay-On!" and is also currently working on creating his own Next Level Nerd Podcast (details coming soon) which will revolutionize everything you thought you knew about the internet. Obviously, this is another LARP guy, but as you will soon see... he is so much more...

Mitchell Valvano

Yea. It's a 12 string. Deal with it.

This delightful master of all things awesome enjoys playing and listening to music, watching movies, celebrating the life of Nikola Tesla, and eating Taco Bell. He has Lyme's disease and does a mean Schwarzenegger impression. He knows a lot about the X-Men. You can find Mitchell on the Next Level Nerd Movie Podcast where he provides delicious color commentary for your listening pleasure.

Justin McConnell

This is a picture of a picture of me. I like it.

This one is me. Author of this blog post. I love watching and obsessing over movies, playing video games, reading comics (hard copies only!), and writing. I once drank 22 beers in one night... so... YEA... I can party. If you'd like to party with me, I currently host the Next Level Nerd Movie Podcast and will be appearing on more content soon.

I, for one, am looking forward to continuing the NLN journey with this group of geniuses. Join me. Won't you?

Until then, enjoy this sweet pic of "Handsome" Evan and Mitchell dressed in their best.

My special boys.
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