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WWII - The Sequel With No Equal

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

On this week's episode of the Next Level Nerd Movie Podcast, Mitchell and Justin are joined by long-time friend and Wayne's World movie fan, Mike Smith, to take a deep dive into the sequel to one of the most beloved comedies ever made.

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Movie: Wayne’s World 2

Released: December 10th 1993

Production Company: Paramount Pictures


Runtime: 1:35

General Info:

Critical Response:

Rotten Tomatoes:

Tomato Meter: 61%

Audience Score: 63%

Meta Critic:


Cinema Score:



Budget: 40 Million

Box Office: 48.2 Million

Why are we reviewing it?

This is one of the best sequels to a comedy ever made and is an underappreciated gem in its own right. This movie is often seen as a lesser sequel, but it is every bit on par with the original and in some cases, even more hilarious. When the movie opened, it was competing with the likes of cinematic classics “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Schindler’s List”, so there is no wonder why it failed given that competition.


You'll laugh again! You'll cry again!! You'll hurl again!!!

Written by:

Mike Myers

Husband and wife writing duo Bonnie and Terry Turner who worked together on projects such as:

Saturday Night Live

That 70’s Show

3rd Rock From the Sun

Tommy Boy

The Brady Bunch Movie


Wayne’s World

Directed by:

Stephen Surjik


Edgar Winter

Gary Wright

Golden Earring


4 Non Blondes

Robert Plant

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Bad Company

The Village People

Gin Blossoms

Dinosaur Junior

Jimi Hendrix

Simon & Garfunkel

The Lemonheads

The Cast:

Mike Myers

Dana Carvey

Christopher Walken

Tia Carrere

Chris Farley

Ralph Brown

James Hong

Kim Basinger

Cameos from:

Rip Taylor


Heather Locklear

Kevin Pollak

Drew Barrymore

Harry Shearer

Ted McGinley

Tim Medows as Sammy Davis, Jr.

Jay Leno

Ed O’Neill

Charlton Heston

Bob Odenkirk

Robert Smigel

Check out this feature from Looper on why there was never a WWIII:

Fun Fact:

From the Wayne's World 2 IMDb Trivia section:

"The story that the roadie (Del Preston) keeps telling, about having to fill a brandy glass with brown M&Ms for Ozzy Osbourne, is based on a true story that has become a bit of an urban legend. Van Halen actually had a rider (a contractual list of items that a band demands from the concert venue - towels, catering, stage equipment requirements, etc.) that said there must be a bowl of M&Ms backstage, but with all the brown ones removed. The reason for the absurd rule was to make sure that the entire rider (which included safety measurements for the band's exceptionally large and heavy stage set) had been read and obeyed in full. Sure enough at Pueblo, Colorado show, the rider wasn't read and the staging crashed through the floor. This lead to the urban myth that the band flipped out and intentionally caused the 80,000 dollars worth of damage themselves all because they found brown M&Ms."


We found one of the television promos for "Wayne's World" at Paramount's King's Dominion and Carowinds amusement parks that were discussed in this episode of the Next Level Nerd Movie Podcast. Check it out:

We also found a POV video of the Hurler roller coaster, which still stands at Carowinds to this very day:


If you like movies, be sure to check out the Next Level Nerd Movie Podcast where we discuss films we love that weren't critically or commercially successful.

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